Are You Faced with The Daunting Task of Conducting an Internal Audit for ISO Certification or Performance?
All the Planning, Performing, and Documenting of an ISO Audit can Cause You Headaches, Lost Time, Economic Losses, and Frustration…
Unless You Have Been Educated in the Full Scope of an ISO Audit Including Team Training, Communications, Metrics, Evaluation Standards, Interactive Dependencies, Results Interpretations, Corrective Actions and Proper Documentation
You Really Do Not Stand Much of a Chance!

Whether you are implementing a new ISO system and assuring
effectiveness or standards adherence, an audit can be a daunting and formidable task.

The planning alone can take weeks. You must craft a rock-solid blueprint that meets all organizational needs and fully aligns with all the standards.

Every system and every step of each process must be evaluated for stand-alone and interactive performance. Missing just one action could affect your audit outcome. Then you will spend your time in the labyrinth of retracing every detail to find what has been missed.

Your audit must be designed to spot any problematic areas and potential quality compromising flaws.

You will need to decide who will do what and what team members need to be involved. Then you need to send timely notifications to all team members for an initial to explain the ‘why’ of the audit and the value. Your audit needs to be presented as a positive improvement exercise or employees and team members might see this as only a fault-finding activity. This can result in a failed audit.
All of your pertinent team members and managers must be involved. They will need in depth knowledge of their participation. You will need to conduct training sessions so they can learn their contributions, measured processes, and responsibilities and be brought up to speed with the audit requirements.

The audit is scheduled and when all preparation is completed, the audit is performed, data collected, compliance evaluated, and results analyzed. Then after a comprehensive evaluation you prepare your report to outline all preventive and corrective actions needed. You need to schedule a meeting to report about the audit outcomes to all team members.

Then there is all the documentation!

Performing your own audit can be EXHAUSTING.

In addition, performing your own audits can produce unintentional biased results.

Now You Can Breeze Through Your ISO Audit with a Top Expert That Can Save You Tons of Time, Headaches, Cost, and all the Frustration!

We have spent years in educations and performed hundreds of audits. You can gain from our vast experience while saving time, money, and frustration.

When Sync Resource helps perform your audit we will:

✔️ Identify possible weakness occurring in the quality management system.

✔️ Bring to light any problems leading to legal action and prevent non-compliance penalties.

✔️ Create awareness of loopholes in the system that are responsible for waste.

✔️ Trigger corrective and preventive actions.

✔️ Ensure consistent adherence to the quality management system.

Getting the Help of a Sync Resource Expert Makes This So Easy!

Your expert auditor will help you map everything and eliminate a great deal of the learning required to conduct audits. You will save money, time, wasted communications and frustration.

And in most cases Internal Audit can be conducted REMOTELY saving the overhead cost of travel.

Just contact us and schedule a free preliminary meeting. 


Sunita Verma, Founder and President of Sync Resource started the company in 2009 with a vision to provide management consulting to small & medium size businesses around the country.

Sunita holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, bachelor’s in mechanical engineering (India) with prestigious gold medal by then President of India and renowned Scientist Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

With over a decade of experience, Sunita and her team will help with your internal audit and save you all the preparation time and frustration while making sure you pass.
When you have one of Sync Resource’s top experts such as Sunita Verma perform your audit you will:
  • Have a professional that has performed hundreds of ISO audits, so you save all the time required to learn the requirements, fully train personnel, and spend countless hours planning and performing an audit.
  • Be assured that your management system’s current position meets with ISO standards’ requirements of policies, procedures, and quality frameworks. This helps keep your safety, legal, and regulatory requirements in check.
  • Avoid major loopholes occurring in your system that can be easily overlooked by management and employees.
  • Have all the experience of an ISO expert that can quickly identify costly issues and quality problems and resolve them to save you money.
  • Ensure that all of your processes meet the requirements of ISO standards.

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